7 €
glazed with kimchee and noisette butter
Smoked French N°2 Oyster
6 €
ponzu and kizami wasabi
(Extra 2g Imperial Caviar 4€)
Steak tartare
21 €
dry-aged beef with smoked eel, cured egg yolk, foie gras and toasted brioche bread
Black pork Dumplings
14 €
with trotters stew and cured sobrasada, sweet potato puree and hoisin demi glace (4 pcs)
Red prawns dumplings
16 €
red prawns with coral juice, fennel salad and yuzu air (4 pcs)
Cauliflower dumplings
12 €
cauliflower and shitake mushrooms, truffled ponzu and Medjoul dates (4 pcs)
Chinese style bacon bao
7 €
yakiniku sauce, ginger mayonnaise and spiced mango
Crispy red prawn bao
8 €
kimchee emulsion, namasu cucumber and raspberry teriyaki
Eggplant bao
7 €
roasted with honey and ponzu, feta cheese and sesame emulsion
Hereford beef short rib brioche
12 €
cooked at low temperature, Japanese bbq demi glace, osmosed pineapple tartar with fresh herb juice and crispy potatoes (2 pcs)
Red prawns brioche
14 €
with toasted butter, red prawns tartare, lime emulsion and pickled red onion (2 pcs)
Toasted brioche with slightly spicy bluefin tuna tartare
16 €
pickled cucumber, ginger emulsion, truffled honey and spiced crispy tempura (2 pcs)
Salmon fillet
22 €
glazed with yuzu teriyaki, spiced pumpkin puree and flame-grilled pakchoy
Iberian pork "pluma"
26 €
parsnip emulsion, Japanese barbecue glaze, flame-grilled asparagus and black truffle powder
A5 Kagoshima Wagyu Tataki
65 €
with truffled olive parmentier, glazed mushrooms and Japanese bbq demi glaze (110g)
Hamachi Usuzukuri
18 €
truffled ponzu and mandarin gel
O-Toro Usuzukuri
26 €
truffled sauce and wasabi kizami
(Extra 8g Imperial Caviar 16€)
Assorted Sashimi
18 €
from the fish market (9 cuts)
Assorted Sashimi
36 €
from the fish market (18 cuts)
Bluefin tuna tartare
21 €
marinated with Asian dressing, cured egg yolk and glazed shitake mushrooms
Scottish salmon tartare
17 €
with miso-yuzu and kimchee emulsion, avocado and passion fruit gel
Scottish salmon
3,50 €
Flamed salmon
3,80 €
with miso-yuzu and kimchi
Bluefin tuna
4,00 €
Bluefin tuna
4,20 €
with Japanese bbq and glazed shitake mushrooms
4,50 €
sesame sauce and kizami wasabi
Flamed Chutoro
5,00 €
with foie micuit and truffle powder
7,00 €
with garlic soy and kizami wasabi
O-Toro with Imperial Caviar
9,00 €
4,00 €
with ginger emulsion and pickled red onion
Japanese scallop
5,50 €
with miso-yuzu, kizami wasabi and ponzu
Red prawn
5,00 €
with garlic soy and passion fruit gel
Kabayaki grilled eel
5,00 €
with foie and apple
3,00 €
avocado slices with sesame sauce and raspberry teriyaki
Niguiris Omakase
36,00 €
8 pieces (Trust game between the customer and the Chef)
Tataki salmon roll
8,50 €17 €
with avocado, kimchi emulsion, pickled red onion and crispy tempura
Tataki bluefin tuna roll
9 €18 €
avocado, sesame sauce and raspberry teriyaki
Tempura prawn roll
8,50 €17 €
with mango, miso and eel sauce
Smoked eel roll
9,50 €19 €
green apple, foie micuit and lime zest
Amberjack roll
9 €18 €
marinated and tempura, avocado and lime emulsion and sweet chili peppers
Spicy tuna roll
9 €18 €
pickled cucumber, smoked chili emulsion and spiced crispy tempura
Japanese scallop tempura roll
11 €22 €
avocado, topped with bluefin tuna, ginger emulsion and truffle powder
Veggie Futomaki
(6 p.) 16 €
tempurated on the outside, mango, avocado, pickled cucumber, caramelized shitake mushrooms and sesame sauce, raspberry teriyaki sauce
Kalamansi foam
8 €
with white chocolate ganache and yuzu
Kaizen-style cheesecake
8 €
with matcha tea powder and citrus jellies
Chocolate textures with miso toffee
8 €
almond and cocoa crumble, bergamot and yuzu gel
Mochis duo
6,50 €
raspberry and chocolate
Please ask our staff for information about allergens.